Wide ranging technologist with a
focus on business objectives.

Technology Strategy

With extensive experience in all facets of technology strategic planning for IT and OT, I have done road mapping, next-gen technology evaluations, package selection, on-premise/cloud/hybrid development, technology ROI analysis, and managed full IT budgeting for both clients as a consultant, and companies that I have worked for.

Cyber Security

With more and more strategic IT focus on security, I am well versed in SOC operations, identification of security vulnerabilities, critical updates and patching analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, PEN tests, and have authored and developed extensive infosec policies/procedures and incident response plans for many companies.

Project Management

When technology strategy, cyber security initiatives, and other IT projects have to be put into action, my project management skills are well adapted to successfully managing the overall process for implementing these initiatives. I am known for ensuring the delivery of projects within scope, on-time, and within budget.


Professional Experience

I have exposure and extensive experience in many key areas of the technology field that allow me to reach across boundaries in companies and speak many business languages to effectively manage technology needs from different perspectives.

Financial Management

Every IT department is constrained by financial and budgetary guidelines in some way. With experience directly managing IT annual budgets up to 9 Million USD and never sacrificing quality of service, I have proven competent in effective decision making and capital management strategies.

Some of my wide ranging experience as it directly relates to Financial Management:

- Budget Forecasting
- Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and YoY Budget Analysis
- Vendor Relations Management and Contract Negotiations
- Annual Review of Third-Party Services for Cost Savings
- Financial Oversight and Audit of Technology Spend

Project Management

When working on even small projects that only span multiple days, it is important to understand the foundations of project management to ensure that the initiative has yielded a successful deliverable within scope and budget as well as prior to a deadline. Managing projects effectively has been a key to my success within many organizations and as a consultant.

Some of my detailed experience as it directly relates to Project Management:

- Experience in all stages of SDLC
- Resource Planning
- Project Timeline Creation
- Stakeholder Relationship Management
- Project Risk Management
- Portfolio Analysis
- Project Selection and Pipeline Management

Information Security

With new data breaches everyday, I enjoy reading all the details and understanding the technical situation that caused the data breaches to occur. I have used this knowledge to constantly hone my methods for providing solid infosec practices and principals to organizations both that I work for and that I work with in a consulting environment.

Some of my relevant experience as it pertains to Information Security:

- Authoring and Development of Policies and Procedures
- Authoring and Development of Incident Response Plans
- PEN Tests / Vulnerability Assessments / Intrusion Testing
- Risk Analysis and Security Audits
- User Training Webinars and Workshops
- Threat Intelligence and Hunting
- Government / Regulatory Compliance
- Access Control Governance

Business Applications

With the wide ranging platforms and "Something as a Service" offerings available to companies today, I have had the opportunity to gain extensive experience with assessment, implementation, deployment, integrations, and upgrading of business applications in many corporate environments.

Some of the details of my key roles in business applications in organizations are:

- Solution selection of ERP systems
- Integration of Workday into corporate environment
- Security audits of PII contained in HRIS applications and APIs
- Oracle ERP implimentation
- Infor asset management solution reconfiguration and customization
- Build-out of custom integrations and APIs

IT Innovation and Growth

Working with Senior Leadership within companies to ensure innovation in the IT departments actions and providing a strategic growth plan have been a hallmark of my successful management of areas of IT departments. Building an analytical way to benchmark performance of the IT department through metrics and KPIs has allowed me to identify strategic areas of growth and innovative technology solutions to complex business problems to ensure that the IT department is keeping up with the fast movements of the rest of the company.

Some of my exciting experience as it involves IT Innovation and Growth:

- Lead User Training on Technology and Business Applications
- Built Vast Knowledge Base system and Initial 150+ KB Articles
- Create Webinars for New Systems and Functionalities Implemented
- Developed IT Growth Plans to Scale with Business Needs
- Developed and Reported KPIs for IT Operations
- Lead IT Employees in Career Growth Opportunities
- Mentor Junior IT Employees to Ensure Success for Team as a Whole

Skills and Strengths

Philanthropy and Hobbies

As a professional techie that enjoys every part of technology, naturally, my philanthropy work is focused around building my technology experience and my hobbies are mainly technology focused.

I love being one of the first people to get my hands on new technologies and exploring what its possibilities and limitations are.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

As a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, I have had the opportunity to serve in technical capacities as well as rescue operations capacities.

As a Flotilla Staff Officer, I manage USCG information systems and provide data integrity among other valuable areas of interest in a technology setting. I also serve in the Chicago station Lake Michigan area for marine safety and vessel examinations. I also enjoy using the training and knowledge to promote emergency medical training and safe recreational boating around the Chicago area.


As a member of the Department of Homeland Security HSIN/ US-CERT Team, I work with US government agencies to identify large scale cyber security incidents and promote a safer online community for the US and abroad.

Chicago Yacht Club Foundation

As part of the Chicago Yacht Club Foundations charity division, I work with community youth organizations to help provide access to Lake Michigan and recreational boating for Chicago's youth.

I routinely assist in the organization and operation of many formal youth boating activities every summer to help share the lake with all of Chicago's youth.

Web Design

As a techie who enjoys all the socialization opportunities that Chicago has to offer, this has led me to lend my tech skills in my spare time to others who need their online presence created or revamped.

I have created amazing websites for some of the trendiest restaurants, food halls, bars, and brick-and-mortar shops in Chicago.

Raspberry Pi

When my engineer hat is on, the Raspberry Pi is my favorite platform to work with. I love creating IoT devices that combine software and hardware to solve problems in the real world.

Some of my notable projects that I have distributed to others include:
- Motorcycle infotainment systems similar to what cars now have
- LED lighting controllers that work with home automation systems
- A combo home automation and industrial control system specifically designed for boats and yachts


As an early enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them like Bitcoin and Ethereum, I began mining various currencies out of the love of the puzzle of creating the highest efficiency out of hardware and software to mine currencies faster and faster.

I also have collaborated with companies and organizations that utilize the blockchain technology to create their own private validation methods and smart-contract based validation models.

3D Printing

I love the technology involved with 3D printing for so many reasons, but partly because this allows me to bring my other tech projects to life with rapid prototyping and physical component creation.

My largest scale 3D printing project is a vertical hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow your own vegetables and herbs in a vertical tower configuration that uses a small footprint to contain the entire water and root system for urban condo gardeners. This product is being sold at select garden stores in Chicago.


I enjoy building custom drones as a way to expand the capabilities of what commercially available drones on the market offer to consumers. I also enjoy the different perspectives that drone photography brings out in photographs.

App Development

When I was at Indiana University for college, my favorite class was one where we learned to develop apps. From my first simple iPhone app I created in college as a class project that sent you a reminder 30 minutes before several popular campus restaurants closed their delivery service, to collaborations on commercial apps. I still enjoy the excitement of turning lines of code into something useful for others to enhance their lives with.

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